Cher vs. Madonna: Who Is Richer?

Cher and Madonna are iconic pop music legends who have accumulated considerable wealth throughout their careers. Cher’s net worth is estimated at $360 million, while Madonna’s net worth stands at a staggering $850 million. Together, their combined net worth is an impressive $1.21 billion. Comparing their wealth to the average American’s net worth of $121,700, Cher is 2958% wealthier, and Madonna is a remarkable 6981% wealthier.

Who’s Wealthier and by How Much?

Between Cher and Madonna, Madonna is significantly wealthier with a net worth of $850 million compared to Cher’s $360 million. Madonna’s net worth is 2.36 times greater than Cher’s, a difference of $490 million.

When comparing their wealth to the wealthiest person in the world, both Cher and Madonna’s net worths are considerably smaller. Assuming an 8-hour workday, Cher would earn approximately $46,154 per hour, while Madonna would earn an impressive $109,295 per hour.

If their wealth were to be wrapped around the world using hundred-dollar bills, Cher’s net worth would cover approximately 1.4 times the Earth’s circumference, while Madonna’s wealth would wrap around 3.4 times.

The primary reason for Madonna’s higher net worth compared to Cher is her more extensive music catalog, successful concert tours, and lucrative business ventures outside of music.

What Their Wealth Can Buy

With the high net worth of these music icons, they could indulge in luxury items such as a Bugatti Chiron, priced at $3 million, a private island in the Bahamas for $45 million, or a luxury yacht like the Oceanco Y717 for $200 million.

Cher’s Net Worth

Cher’s net worth of $360 million has been amassed through her long and successful music and acting career. Key contributors to her wealth include album sales, concert tours, and acting roles in films like “Moonstruck” and “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.” Cher’s property portfolio includes a $2.5 million Beverly Hills mansion and a $45 million Malibu compound.

Madonna’s Net Worth

Madonna’s net worth of $850 million is largely derived from her highly successful music career, concert tours, and business ventures. Her wealth has been bolstered by her record-breaking album sales, numerous sold-out tours, and her business endeavors, such as her clothing line, Material Girl, and her skincare line, MDNA Skin. Madonna’s real estate holdings include a $40 million townhouse in New York City and a $19.3 million estate in Portugal.

10 Well-Known People with Similar Net Worths

There are several well-known individuals with net worths similar to Cher and Madonna. These include Robert De Niro with a net worth of $500 million, Dolly Parton at $600 million, and Bono, whose net worth is estimated at $700 million. Others in this category are George Clooney with a net worth of $500 million, Taylor Swift at $400 million, and Jay-Z, whose net worth stands at $1 billion. Additionally, we have Jennifer Lopez at $400 million, Mariah Carey with a net worth of $320 million, and Celine Dion, whose net worth is $800 million.