Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump: Who Is Richer?

In this story, we’ll be comparing the net worth of two prominent political figures, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Their combined net worth amounts to an estimated $3.7 billion, with Joe Biden’s net worth at around $9 million and Donald Trump’s net worth at $3.7 billion. Compared to the average American net worth of $746,000, Joe Biden is approximately 12 times wealthier, while Donald Trump is 4,958 times wealthier. Neither of them ranks among the wealthiest people in the world.

Who’s Wealthier and the Magnitude of Their Wealth

Donald Trump is significantly wealthier than Joe Biden, with a net worth of $3.7 billion compared to Biden’s $9 million. Trump’s net worth is roughly 411 times larger than Biden’s.

When comparing their wealth to the wealthiest person in the world, Joe Biden’s net worth is about 0.0035% of Elon Musk’s $254 billion, while Donald Trump’s net worth is about 1.45%.

Assuming an 8-hour workday, Joe Biden would earn approximately $4,327 per hour, while Donald Trump would earn about $1,779,808 per hour.

Using hundred-dollar bills, Joe Biden’s wealth would wrap around the world about 0.00029 times, while Donald Trump’s wealth would wrap around the world roughly 0.119 times.

Donald Trump’s wealth primarily comes from his real estate and business ventures, which have generated significant returns over the years, while Joe Biden’s wealth has been mostly accumulated through his political career, book deals, and speaking engagements.

What Their Wealth Can Buy

With the high net worth of either Joe Biden or Donald Trump, they could afford a variety of luxury items. They might consider purchasing a private island in the Bahamas for $20 million, a superyacht like the Heesen Amore Mio for $50 million, a luxury penthouse in Manhattan for $15 million, or a rare vintage car like the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, which sold for $48.4 million.

Joe Biden’s Net Worth

Joe Biden’s net worth of $9 million has been accumulated mainly through his political career, including his time as a U.S. senator and vice president. Additionally, he has earned income from book deals, such as “Promise Me, Dad” and “Yesterday’s Promise,” as well as speaking engagements. Biden owns a $2.7 million home in Wilmington, Delaware, and has a collection of classic cars, including a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Donald Trump’s Net Worth

Donald Trump’s net worth of $3.7 billion comes from his extensive real estate portfolio, including commercial properties, residential buildings, and golf courses. He also has a branding business, which licenses his name to various properties and products. Trump has appeared on television, most notably as the host of “The Apprentice,” and has written several books, including “The Art of the Deal.” Trump owns a $100 million penthouse in Trump Tower, New York City, and a private jet, the Boeing 757, valued at around $100 million.

10 Well-Known People with Similar Net Worths

There are several well-known individuals with net worths similar to Joe Biden and Donald Trump, such as George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, J.K. Rowling, Kylie Jenner, Elon Musk, and Larry Page. Their net worths vary greatly, ranging from around $1 billion to over $250 billion.